To join any archery club you must have completed a recognised Archery GB / GNAS Beginners Course.

Most members join the Club after successfully completing our ‘Introduction to Archery’ courses (Beginner’s Course) which we run throughout the year. Details of how to join our ‘Introduction’ course can be found on the Introduction to Archery course page. During the course you will be given details of membership and 

If you wish to transfer your membership from another archery club we generally request references from your existing / previous club. All applications for membership are subject to consideration by the Club’s Committee, and therefore, there may be a delay before an applicant receives a response to their application. Applications received immediately from those successfully completing our Introduction to Archery course are exempt from this requirement.

All new members, are subject to a probationary period, this is to give new members the opportunity to decide if membership of the club is right for them, it also allows the Club the opportunity to ask members to leave. There would have to be very strong grounds for the committee to come to this decision and there would be a right to appeal this decision. Members leaving during the probationary period would only receive a refund of their subscription that has been paid to the archery club for the current membership year, any fees paid to GNAS / DWAA and GWAS would not be refundable.

Membership subscriptions are payable annually and are due from 1st October - 31st September, if joining part way through the year then pro rata rates are available. 

Page updated: 13/05/2016

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