Sagittarii run Have-a-Go sessions during the year and if you are interested please contact us and we will get in touch when we plan to run any sessions. Please note that these are ad hoc and not regular sessions. 

Have-a-Go sessions are designed for groups of people to try out the sport of archery. We have provided these sessions for individuals, companies, local clubs and societies etc. We start with a safety briefing and warm ups prior to shooting and then one on one instruction for those people taking part. All of the necessary equipment is provided as we have a wide range of different bows in various weights and sizes, we also have lots of different length arrows to suit.

When you have finished shooting, and if you have enjoyed it, we will tell you all about the Introduction to Archery Course (Beginner’s Course) that you will need to complete prior to being able to join any club.

Page updated: 12/03/2015

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